TYPE: Board Meeting
DATE: 11/5/2020 TIME: 7:00 PM
LOCATION: Teleconference via ZOOM
Link to join the webinar: Passcode: 251581
Call to Order Closed Session
1.1 Call to Order Closed Session Info
Closed Session - 6:00 p.m.
2.1 Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release (Govt Code 54957) Info
2.2 Collective Bargaining Session (Govt Code 3549.1 (d)): Cambrian District Teachers Association Info
2.3 Personnel, Unrepresented Management, Supervisory and Confidential Employees (Govt Code 54957) Info
2.4 Conference with Real Property Negotiator (ยง 54956.8) Info
Call to Order Regular Board Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
3.1 Call to Order Info
3.2 Report out of Closed Session Info
Adoption of Agenda
4.1 Adoption of the Agenda Action
Adoption of Consent Agenda
5.1 Adoption of Consent Agenda Items Action
5.2 Board Policy: Conflict of Interest Procedure 9270 Action
6.1 Announcements Info
6.2 Superintendent's Report Info
Information and Study Items
7.1 School Site Updates: Student Progress Info
7.2 Learning Continuity Plan Update Info
7.3 In-Person Learning and Instruction 2020-21: Middle School Projected Return Date and Revised Hybrid Schedules TK - 8th) Info/Action
7.4 Measure R: Award Construction Management Contract Action
7.5 Measure R: Award Architectural Services Contract for potential Measure R projects Action
7.6 Santa Clara County Committee on School District Organization Election 2020 Info/Action
7.7 Potential Future Board Agenda Items (Cambrian Board Policy 9322) Info/Action
8.1 Public Comments Info
8.2 Verbal and Written Communications Info
Resumption of Closed Session
9.1 Resumption of Closed Session Info
10.1 Adjournment Action
Cambrian School District Board Meetings are audio recorded.