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Meeting Date: 3/21/2019 - 7:30 PM
Category: Information and Study Items
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Subject: Curriculum/Instruction: ELA/ELD Selection Process and Timeline (Strategic Plan Goal 2)
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Revised ELAELD Curriculum Selection Committee Process Board Update - Mar21.2019.pdf
Summary: The staff in the Cambrian School District have worked overtime to understand the state standards and the impact of the standards on teaching and learning. As part of the next steps in our Strategic Plan and in order to ensure alignment to the State Standards, we have begun a curriculum adoption cycle for TK-8 English Language Arts. When the English Language Arts and English Language Development (ELA/ELD) standards were first adopted by the state, the curriculum materials for review by the state for adoption by individual school districts were not readily available. Because of this, the state created new rules for adopting materials (AB 1246), which allowed more freedom for school districts across the state to use a wide variety of materials to address the changes in literacy instruction. CSD teachers have already been utilizing a state aligned ELA/ELD curriculum throughout the transition, pulling best practice materials from multiple sources and are able to collaborate to make many of the adjustments around the required instructional shifts. Per Board Policy and Administrative Regulations 6140.2, the district will engage in an evaluative process to recommend curricula for Board adoption.

The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services will provide the Board of Trustees an update of the timeline, activities, and process of the ELA/ELD Curriculum Selection Committee to date.
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Susan Ahmann - Administrative Assistant
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Linh Nguyen - Assistant Superintendent
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Dr. Carrie Andrews - Superintendent